How to Get to Ruaha National Park

Getting to Ruaha By Road:
Ruaha National Park is 120 km from the nearest town Iringa down the rather aptly named 'Neverending' road. This takes approximately 2 hours. Dar to Ruaha is 600km (10hrs) and Mikumi to Ruaha 300km (5hrs).

Getting to Ruaha By Air:

Safari Air Link SAL Schedule:
If you want to spend more time in the bush game viewing and less time on the road getting there then you may prefer to use the Safari Air Link daily schedule from Zanzibar/Dar (depts 10:30am) to Selous, Mikumi, and Ruaha. The Ruaha schedule also connects to/from Pangani, Saadani National Park and Lazy Lagoon Island. Since you are just paying for a seat and not the whole plane this is also the most cost effective way for couples, singles or small groups to reach remote places like Ruaha

Click to download the PDF Safari Air Link flight schedule:
SAL Route Map or Full SAL Schedule Rates.

Safari Air Link SAL Private Charter:
If you prefer the flexibility and convenience of a private charter then Safari Air Link with a fleet of planes based in both Dar and Ruaha can offer competitive prices throughout Tanzania and Zanzibar.
Contact us or Safari Air Link for a quote.

Use Safari Air Link to get to Ruaha National Park by Air.


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